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Episode 18 – Low Energy All Stars

I take a look at the players who are great, but don’t look like they’re doing a lot. And also the guys who don’t look like they’re doing a lot and show it. Also the tarot card predicts what will happen to the bubble teams. Let’s basketball!

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Podcast Ep 14: Roxy Wittman


The podcast is back on track! I go into what looks interesting for the Wizards, surprise early stats and talk the winners and losers of Rookie Extension contracts. The tarot cards come out for game previews and Randy Wittman gets advice from an old weirdo.

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Episode 12: Carmelo Anti Capitalist

Wizards pre-season news and game stats. A recap of the Baltimore Basketball Classic. Wrapping up the Spirit Animals, more tarot card predictions and an exploration of Carmelo Anthony as avant garde artist.