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Mamaleek & The Splash Brothers: Stay Woke

The mysterious black metal duo Mamaleek just released their newest slab of experimental lofi murk in their album Via Dolorosa.

So little is known about the band, their scant biography only has them as a pair of brothers from the Bay Area of San Francisco, and the only published photo of them is as children-


And who even knows if that is really them?

But within the shadows of invented mythology of metal bands, there is probably a more sinister truth to the core of Mamaleek: They are the Splash Brothers.

Yes, the backcourt duo of Klay Thompson and Steph Curry, currently ready to do battle against the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals.

Preposterious? Absurd? That’s just what THEY want you to believe, cause I deal in #factsonly and provide the following evidence.

According to Encyclopedia Metallum, Mamaleek was formed in San Francisco in 2008. That year they released two albums, their self-titled debut and Fever Dream.

Steph Curry was drafted by the Golden State Warriors in 2009.

So, the origins of metal bands are always rife with smoke and mirrors, obscuring the birthplace of who and what and where, so we can take their origins with a grain of salt. There is no disputing that they were always a duo, however the project could have just been one brother working on the music without the full help of the other brother.

In 2011, the same year Klay Thompson was drafted by the Dubs, Mamaleek released their album Kurdaitcha on the Enemies List Home Recordings label. The album proved to be a huge jump in the aesthetic performance of the band.

Shifting way far out of the form of a bedroom black metal duo, Mamaleek combined the lofi aesthetic with Arabic influences, a slower pace and knee deep in experimentation. The duo shook the dusty, rigid format of black metal while not attempting to make it a crossover, still put an indelible stamp on it.

The Splash Brothers took a similar approach to their basketball play, honing in on similar skills, a pairing shouldn’t work between the two of them, but it’s easily the best grouping of the NBA.

Same with Mamaleek’s approach to their experimentation, the combining of a vast array of influences and sounds, even pop music, combined with the increasinly graying sound of black metal would be wasted in the wrong hands, but the chemistry of the group outshines the possible deficiencies.

The Brothers Splash/Mamaleek still ascended in 2014 with a hard fought first round exit in seven games against the Los Angeles Clippers and the Mamaleek album He Never Spoke a Mumblin’ Word.

Shortly after their playoff loss, Warriors coach Mark Jackson was fired amid a flurry of personel issues between other coaches, management and Jackson.

One report was that given Mark Jackson’s sidejob as a pastor, he had frequently spent time preaching to his team. Known for being a boisterous player and play by play man, Jackson wasn’t shy to speak his mind.

Is it possible that the title of Mamaleek’s fourth album is a direct reference to Jackson? Watch this video of Jackson preaching the gospel on the streets of Los Angeles to see if that voice could be attributed to the idea of a man who never spoke a mumblin word.

Jackson was replaced by Steve Kerr and the Warriors ascended to a great height as they lean on the edge of winning the franchise’s first championship since the 60’s.

In addition to that, Mamaleek have released their latest album Via Dolorosa. The title comes from the Latin phrase “Way of Grief” and is frequently used to reflect the passage within the City of Jerusalem that was the path that Jesus walked on the way to his crucifixion.

Steph Curry is a devout Christian who frequently speaks about his faith, so the title being used by him would make a lot of sense. But it also could describe the path of former coach and fellow Christian, Mark Jackson.

The facts are there that the identity of the Splash Brothers are the same as Mamaleek. But we can keep a secret, no reason to ruin a good thing.


Last Nights Number: Miami Heat vs Cleveland Cavaliers

4 for 5

As LeBron James returned to Miami to face his old squad. One familiar face and one new face chipped in 4 for 5 FG shooting to push the Heat to a 101-91 win over the Cavs. Chris Anderson went 4 for 5 with 8 rebounds, 2 steals and one block. While Danny Granger matched that field goal record and got 7 rebounds. Granger ended with 9 points, Anderson with 12.

Bonus Number


The Wizards went into Madison Square Garden and dominated the Knicks at home, especially in the paint. The Wizards got 50 of their 102 points in the paint with Wall leading the bunch on 24 points and 11 assists, now tied for the lead in players with double-doubles to lead the league.

Bonus Bonus Number


The Los Angeles Clippers held the Golden State Warriors to 21.4% shooting from three point line last night giving the Dubs their second straight loss. The Warriors went 6 for 28 behind the line, with Klay Thompson making only 2 of his 10 attempts and Steph Curry made 1 for 5.

Last Nights Number: Houston Rockets vs Golden State Warriors


The Warriors shot 49.4% to cruise to a 105-93 win over the Rockets. Despite James Harden putting up 34 points, the Rockets bench only scraped together 5 points and had no answer for the Splash Brothers. Klay Thompson went 8 for 18 for 21 points, Steph Curry went 8 for 15 for 20 points and Harrison Barnes joined in on the fun for 7 for 9 in the field and 3 for 4 beyond the arc for an additional 20 points.

The win now moves the Dubs into first place with a 19-2 record and cruising into Christmas.

Photo credit: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images


Last Nights Number: Golden State Warriors vs Miami Heat

"Udonis Haslem, Stephen Curry"

Photo credit: AP Photo/Lynne Sladky


Steph Curry hit 40 points against the Heat on 12 for 19 field goals and 8 for 11 three point attempts. Curry also dished out 7 assists, 3 steals and a block. The Dubs are now sitting pretty at 11-2 and second spot in the Western conference. Harrison Barnes also jumped out of his little slump and got 12 points, 8 rebounds and 2 assists. The Dubs bench scored a combined 19 points, but with the starters combining for 95, I guess you don’t really need much.

Bonus Number


Zero fast break points for the Washington Wizards as they went down to the Atlanta Hawks 106-102. Looks like the Wizards were looking too far ahead to their matchup tonight against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Jodorowsky’s Team: Golden State Warriors

Photo Credit: http://ignacioreyo.wordpress.com

Noted Surrealist Film Director Alejandro Jodorowsky has provided notes to Bob Myers on how to get the most out of his players this off-season.


Photo credit: wagesofwins.com

Steph Curry “There is no line like the lines in your hand. Cut off your hand to reach heaven.”

Klay Thompson “There is no maze in heaven, so follow the maze here on earth.”

David Lee“You are a concept in a rabbits eye.”

Andrew Bogut“There’s a factory that will build you exactly what you want, but only what you wanted a year ago.”


Photo credit: espn

Andre Iguodala“Captain Kirk! Ccccaaaapppttttaaaiiinnn Kiiiiirrrrkkkk!”

Harrison Barnes“You woke up water. You will never sleep again.”

Shaun Livingston“Open house. You are the center of a never used fireplace.”

Jermaine O’Neal“Sing in the theater in a backwards voice.”