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Last Nights Number: Wizards vs Indiana Pacers


Photo credit: nba.com


The Wizards had a good first half, but their bench unit collapsed again with no one off the pine scoring in double figures. The Pacers were able to swing back into the game on Donald Sloan’s 31 points, 6 rebounds and 7 assists. Roy Hibbert was in playoff form with 2 points and 9 rebounds.

John Wall matched Sloan with 31 points and 10 assists, knocking his 4th double-double of the season in the books. Otto Porter struggled in shooting again, going 1 for 5 in 22 minutes ending with only 3 points. Garrett Temple continued to shine with 16 pts, 4 assists and 7 rebounds.

The Wizards move up to 4-1, next game at Toronto on Friday November 7th.

Ghoulie Boullez Week: Universal Monsters Scouting Report


Image by Travis Johnson


Summary: This European phenom really comes out at night. His high flying skills have made him very feared in his home of Transylvania. And his physical rivalry against Van Helsing has made for some classic match ups.

Cons: Plays poorly during early games, has some food and sleeping issues and his anti religious stance might make a divisive locker room.

NBA Comparison: Andrei Kirkilenko

The Wolf Man

Summary: A streaky player sometimes bound for greatness, other times he’s too timid and unfocused. When things are going well, he is a beast on the floor, however those times are too inconsistent, sometimes only once a month.

Cons: Night life for the Wolf Man is going to be an issue, when he’s out at night, he’s out ALL night. Also the body hair thing might freak people out.

NBA Comparison: JR Smith

The Mummy

Summary: The Middle East has become the newest hot spot for international players and the Mummy may just join their ranks. Although he appears slow and deliberate on the floor, he is able to chase down balls with great precision.

Cons: We’re unable to see his face, and his body is covered in bandages.

NBA Comparison: Nazir Mohammed

The Creature From The Black Lagoon

Summary: The beast from the swamps is sneaky and quick, but has limited stamina for a long strech. Will sit on the bench and get rehydrated as if his life depends on it. Has big hands though that will prove useful on both sides of the court.

Cons: Gets distracted by women too easily and never wants to leave a body of water.

NBA Comparison: Kawhi Leonard


Summary: This big lumbering beast of a player is not much on the offensive side, but his sheer size and strength will get him double digit boards all season. He is unmoveable in the paint and will be a physical match for any big in the league.

Cons: Is easily distracted and is terrified of fires. May have committed a crime in his past.

NBA Comparison: Roy Hibbert


Your Guide to NBA Noise: The All Drone Metal Team


Drone Metal, the popular yet elusive branch of metal that reaches into the cranium of the most stoned hesher on the block as well as the hipster elite. It’s a slow and mesmerizing turn of traditional metal that begs for your attention all the while keeping you locked in its trance.

Point Guard

Andre Miller

Probably the most astute basketball observation I ever made about Andrew Wiggins was that Andre Miller was his opposite in speed. It looked like someone aged Wiggins and gave him a bunch of lean and left him on the court.

Shooting Guard

James Harden

He is not without a quick step to get past a defender, but the Beard stands so still on defense it brings his speed average down. He also deceptively has a lot of fast break points, but when you’re already heading back towards the offensive end before the play is over, that will happen.

Small Forward

Paul Pierce

The Truth likes his spots and hits them, one of the better shooters to be in the NBA, but Pierce has never been much of a hustler. Even watching him in his twilight years, the speed in which Pierce moves seems to be Youtube clips in Paulstretch.

Power Forward

Zach Randolph

Zbo in the post is enough to put the average NBA fan in a deep K hole. Being a lynchpin in a Grizzlies offense that had the worst Pace in the league last means the ball stops when it comes into his hands. And that ball generally never gets out of his mitts, meaning you get to watch him take 10-20 seconds of the shot clock setting up his post moves and banging his opponent into oblivion.


Roy Hibbert

Georgtown center Pedigree means Hibbert was meant to go slow, bang into people and grab boards.Couple that with a frame over seven-feet tall and 278 pounds, the most athletic I remember seeing Hibbert last year was when he tried to drag Lance Stephenson across the court when Lance started to pout.