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Boogie-nomics: Sacramento Kings vs Boston Celtics


The Bad Days in Boogie Land continue for fans of DeMarcus Cousins. Boogie shot 29.4%, completing 5 shots on 17 attempts. It was his second worst shooting night of the season and he only stayed in the game for 29 minutes (his fourth shortest outing this season).

Of course that was because a brief scrap with Marcus Smart that is this side of a WWE move.

DeMarcus owned up to the move and was quoted, “We have to come together as a team — myself included. I’m the leader of this team. I have to get my stuff together. I can’t have games like I had tonight. We have to come together and figure this thing out.”

But it’s bad news in Sactown. Cousins is supposed to be the star of the team and decisions are being made while he is kept in the dark. Including the firing of head coach Mike Malone and promoting Ty Corbin to maintain the head coach position for the rest of the season.

The faith in the changes of the Kings organization have been dwindling and the play on the court has reflected that. Maybe Vivek Ranadive has a trick up his sleeve, because otherwise I’m going to have to start the #FreeBoogie movement.

Last Nights Number: Boston Celtics vs Washington Wizards


The Wizards were down 7 points in the first Overtime period and stormed back to tie the game. In the second overtime, they were down 7 points and then John Wall took over the period with swift cuts to the basket. The Wizards won 133-132.

Wall ended the night with 26 points, 17 assists, 3 steals and 9 turnovers. Bradley Beal had a poor shooting night, ending with 14 points, on 5-12 shooting. The Celtics bench was other worldy, Brandon Bass & Kelly Olynyck both had 19 points. Marcus Smart, in his first significant game since returning from injury, logged 35 minutes and got 23 points, 5 assists, 4 rebounds, and 2 steals. Smart looks great and had a ton of confidance for playing that deep into a double overtime game as Rajon Rondo sat in the third quarter and never came back.

In the post-game interview, Wall was very emotional about the loss of his friend, 6 year old Miyah Telemaque-Nelson to cancer.

John Wall Forever.


Jodorowsky’s Team: Boston Celtics

Photo Credit: http://ignacioreyo.wordpress.com

Noted Surrealist Film Director Alejandro Jodorowsky has provided notes to Danny Ainge on how to get the most out of his players this off-season.

Kelly Olynyk“Find a turtle, watch him give birth to the universe.”

Gerald Wallace“Become cardboard.”

Brandon Bass“Make a starfish your wife, wear her like a crown on your groin.”


Photo Credit: palmablanca.mx

Avery Bradley “Find the monster, are you the monster? Find the mirror, are you the mirror? Monster-Mirror. Repeat.”

Tyler Zeller “Enjoy the fireworks of your mind, but do not set the fuse. You are the match.”

Rajon Rondo “Liberate your mystic self that you drowned as a child. Give him a balloon, watch him fly, then shoot the balloon.”

Marcus Smart“You were a cowboy. You are now an elbow.”


Photo credit: spin.ph