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Last Nights Number: Cleveland Cavaliers vs Toronto Raptors

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The Cleveland Cavaliers lost their 4th straight in a 110-93 loss to the Raptors. LeBron James finished with 15 points and 10 assists, but sat out most of the 4th quarter. But the Cavs could not contend against the Raps and Lou Williams with 36 points.

So, time to panic, Cav fans?

Bonus Number


43 points and 14 boards was the final line for Anthony Davis as the Pelicans beat the Utah Jazz 106-94. Gordon Hayward had 31 points for Utah, but The Brow was dominating the mid-range game and took it to the Jazz all night.

Full highlights via @DawkinsMTA

Jodorowsky’s Team: Utah Jazz

Photo Credit: http://ignacioreyo.wordpress.com

Noted Surrealist Film Director Alejandro Jodorowsky has provided notes to Dennis Lindsey on how to get the most out of his players this off-season.

Trevor Booker – “Use food from a cookbook that only exists in the mind of a child.”

Trey Burke – “Try using accupuncture, but without needles.”

Alec Burks – “The lettuce is calling. Do not pick up.”

Derrick Favors – “Decide you’re a Lifesaver candy, which flavor are you?”

Gordon Hayward “Your girlfriend JUST got out of high school? Bruh…”

Enes Kanter – “I’m sure those kids gave you a terrible nickname, embrace it this year.”

Steve Novak – “You’re spirit animal is an empty box of tissues.”

Dante Exum – “Does your shot turn around the rim in the other direction?”

Quin Snyder – “Glorious hair. Glorious hair. Let your hair sing the song.”


Explaining the NBA to an Alien: Gordon Hayward

Photo credit: Bleacher Report

In an ongoing series, Elevator Doors talks about a different NBA player with a visiting alien from outer space, Rumali Rovnitov.

Rumali Rovnitov: Explain the human player Gordon Hayward and why he is in the news.

Elevator Doors: Well, Hayward is a 6-foot-8 Small Forward who currently plays for the Utah Jazz. Hayward is a good scorer who can go inside and outside. He has languished on a really awful team in Utah and he was just offered a max deal contract to join the Charlotte Hornets for 4-years and $63 million dollars.

RR: That is a lot of human dollars.

ED: It is, the thing is, Hayward is a restricted free agent, meaning the Jazz have a right to match the offer that the Hornets just gave him.  So he could move, or he could stay.

RR: Why do they want to offer him that many human dollars?

ED:Charlotte could use the scoring and at age 24, and on a decent team, Hayward could rise quickly to be a great player.

RR: Will he do something to not earn those human dollars?

ED: It’s doubtful that he is a fluke, but the Hornets have probably over paid on this offer. Hayward will not be a star on his own, he’ll need a lot of set pieces to break through to go far in the playoffs. Giving him a max deal seems to hamper the Hornets, although they had a pretty good core before losing Josh McRoberts in Free Agency.

Gordon Hayward

Photo credit: AP

RR: Do YOU think he is worth that many dollars?

ED: Maybe? His points-per-game has risen every year while his FG% has dropped, so he is making better and smarter shots. He started 77 games last year for the Jazz, also his career high, and even on a bad team, he’s become a better player. The risk is he could be one of those classic Good-Stats-On-A-Bad-Team guy. But even though the Hornets are not perennial contenders, they had a good season last year and was a tough competitor against the Heat. He seems like a likable enough guy, so he will probably be easy to mesh with another locker room.

Would you go watch him play?

RR: The gravitational limitations of your planet make this game slightly interesting. However his game does sound it could lead to stat-padding. Does he have anything interesting to his appearance? A visable vestigal limb perhaps?

ED: Uh, no.

RR: Then no, I have no interest.