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In the summer of 1990, you could not escape the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. Even I at the metropolitan age of 10 was intriguied, even if the show wasn’t really for me. The movie looked a bit grittier and the glimpses of Shredder were enough to gravitate me towards seeing it. Just kidding, I was a child, I had no choice in the matter. We just watched it.

That same summer I was enrolled in a daycamp at the campus of Catonsville Community College outside of Baltimore City. Daycamps were great for me because I felt I could finally adopt a new identity outside of my school and still go home at the end of the night to my family. Although I was never creative enough to be like, a cool kid from Europe just visiting relatives for the summer or a really talented athlete, I resorted to just being myself, a chubby goofball willing to do anything to make the counselors laugh.

So I did okay socially, I was clearly more on the nerdy side of the spectrum, but I had enough social skills to get by. I was never going to be mistaken for a cool kid. Cool kids were named Josh or Jason and had product in their hair and were good at sports. But I was also not the nerdy kid who spent the entire summer in a corner not talking to anyone. That kid was named Ricky. Ricky was a hulking mass of a human, halfway between a mini-Incredible Hulk and a kid that ate a lot of food that wound up on the front of his shirt.

The counselors pushed me towards working with Ricky on the end of summer talent show. A couple weeks before there was an incident where Ricky pushed another camper, one that significantly smaller than him. The push sent Ricky from being a more ignored camper into one that everyone blantly repelled from at all times. The counselors sensed that he was going to be left out entirely in another big event, so paired me up with him to do something for the talent show. We sat down with a counselor near by to work it all out-

Ricky: “Have you seen Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?”
Me: “Yeah, of course.”

Ricky: “You know the rap song from it? We could do that.”

For those of you not familiar with the long hit of Partners in Kryme, here’s a reminder

Me: “What do you mean do it?”
Ricky: “We can rap it together, I’ve got a Ninja Turtle costume.”

Me: “I don’t want to rap the song from Ninja Turtles.”

Ricky: “Okay, well I can rap it. And you can…stand there…”

Here is where the counselor swept in to help us flesh out a plan. After a couple of hours of planning and rehearsing, a few times with me, yes, just standing there while Ricky rapped along to Partners in Kryme, we finally cracked it.

Recruiting some other kids we decided the sketch would be Ricky rapping along to the song in his full Ninja Turtles outfit while I dressed as Casey Jones (complete with hockey mask and golf bag filled with sports equipment. I would pretend fight other guys from the camp who were, presumably, members of The Foot, but wearing Ocean Pacific jams instead of cool ninja outfits.

I wish there was video in my possession of this, but we didn’t have a video camera. The Michael Bay Gritty Reboot of TMNT is coming out. Here’s hoping 10 year olds are doing sketches about it in their summer camps!