Elevator Doors Podcast (2014-2015)

Approximately a year ago, I started the process of figuring out what to do with my summer. I bounced around to a couple of websites, writing about the NBA, but not being very happy with what I was producing. I felt it was too stiff, not enough of myself interjected in it and lacking a weirdo sensibility. I was very lucky to fall into a position writing about sports for Impose magazine, but their requirements for writing were much smaller than what I had previously done, so I had all this free time on my hands and lots of ideas.


And so the podcast was born. It took a while figuring out what I wanted it to be, somewhere inbetween The Best Show on WFMU, James Urbaniak’s great podcast Getting On,  Spaulding Gray monologues and lots of other ideas. Although the first two episodes had guests, I quickly jettisoned this idea because it opened up a number of problems (wrangling guests, time constraints, etc) and streamlined what was then just going to be weekly monologues. First it was just about the Washington Wizards, in an attempt to use up all this knowledge I had gained from closely covering the team for months and also to hopefully pivot that into getting the podcast onto a network for hosting support.

But I quickly dropped that too, opened up to the entire NBA, spent probably less time talking about basketball than I should have, and used the vast array of occult, marginalized and experimental thoughts out there to be the mirror in which I viewed basketball.

I liked it, it was a lot of fun, it was challenging to put myself up every week with short notes, a back track of weirdo music and ramble on for 30 minutes. If you couldn’t tell, I never edited the podcast except in case of serious audio problems, so I never got to correct myself. I kept that all on the audio and embarassed myself time and time again.

In one season of basketball, I completed episodes almost weekly, with a couple of Extrasodes in there and the failed backdoor pilot of Carver High, where I was going to review every episode of The White Shadow.



And that sounds good for now.

The podcast is done. I really appreciate anyone who listened, the numbers were steadily increasing, every month and I thought I was doing really fun stuff.

But I also have lots of other interests, including just spending time with my friends, family and my lovely girlfriend. And I think I’d like to go back to exploring some of that for a while. Even if it didn’t seem like the pod took up a lot of work to do, it took up A LOT of mental work. Researching stuff took up a ton of time and while I could reach out for advertisers or do a Patreon to help with the cost of some of the stuff, I still feel weird about all that.

With all of that said, this site will still be around, albeit as occasional as it has been the past year. I’m still writing at Impose until they tell me to not do that anymore. I don’t see myself taking on anymore sports writing gigs, but the occasional flash of music or film writing will happen sometimes.

It also means my twitter account might be lying dormant or go away completly. Since it’s primary means of function are for promotion of stuff, and the things I have to promote on my own will be much less, I might just delete it entirely and go outside or something.

The podcasts will stay up on libsyn, Itunes and Stitcher for a while.

If you want to get in touch for any reason, email me at ufosareglam@gmail

Thanks for everyone who listened or said they would listen, or retweeted a link or even lied to me and said you liked it. You guys are the best.

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