Jodie Meeks Ya’ll

Jodie Meeks started off the season injured and the Pistons were a garbage can. He returned to the team on December 12th and Josh Smith was waved just before Christmas. The Pistons went on a tear, winning seven in a row and 11-3 since after Smoove was dropped.

And although most of the credit is given to the starting core of Brandon Jennings, Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe, Jodie Meeks coming off the bench has been another bright spot on the burning hot Pistons.

Lucky Number 13

Meeks has scored 13 points 5 times and only one of those games resulted in a loss and that was still in the Josh Smith era. Since then, three games where Meeks did not score 13 resulted in a loss. Although it would be desirable for Meeks to rack up close to 20 points a night, knowing that he has an efficient sweet spot that Stan Van Gundy can count on gives Stan less worry.

15.3 PER

Yes, Meeks has only played in 19 games this season, but with 24.7 minutes per game, an efficiency rating of 15.3 is pretty great for a bench player. It’s his highest single season PER rating, but with plenty of time to swing wildly before the season is over.

The Rest of His Stats

Are not great. Career lows in rebounds and assists and only one steal a game average. But this is with a bench unit of Caron Butler, Anthony Tolliver and Jonas Jerebko. But being paired with D.J. Augustin, who operates more as a primary ball handler and plays less minutes than Meeks, he can be allowed to be a ball stopper.

His Heat Map

Hot Fiah

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 7.57.12 PM


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