Trip Metal Guide to the NBA Western Conference

Trip Metal is the nebulous growing force, littering the underground with implied confusion. But if you follow the TM on twitter one diversion tactic is the invention of new micro-genres. And what better way to understand every NBA team than a specific genre for them? Now we head west.

Minnesota Timberwolves

Canadian Lean

Get turnt on Wiggins.

Los Angeles Lakers

Hollywood Zepplin

Bloated, weird and old

Utah Jazz

Mormon Skronk

Quin Snyder is becoming as personable as Miles Davis these days.


Sacramento Kings

Gay Boogie

The Future is Now.

Denver Nuggets

Psych Boredom

End The Brian Shaw Era Now

Oklahoma City Thunder

Post Frack

The atmosphere is killing Westbrook’s fashion sense.

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 6.17.48 PM

New Orleans Pelicans

Funeral Jass

More like Mardi Grass, amirite?

Phoenix Suns

Desert Stank

Like Meat Puppets II, but not

San Antonio Spurs

T Shirt Tucked into Jeans Core

Drown your kids in the Riverwalk


Los Angeles Clippers

Post Early Skrewdriver

Where have you gone, Donald Sterling Donald Sterling?

Dallas Mavericks

Commercial Jingles for Shark Tank products

No, because it’s different for Mark Cuban. He doesn’t wear a tie.

Houston Rockets


We have liftoff, brah.

Memphis Grizzlies

Goofy Hat Blooze

Like Parrotheads, but worse.


Portland Trail Blazers

Riot Loppz

Robin Lopez In a Dress

Golden State Warriors

Splash Wave

Gett Wett


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