NBA Weekly Grades for Week Ending January 18th

A weekly wrap up of who did what this week and how good or bad they did it.

Atlanta Hawks

Grade Oooh, Kill Em

Starting on Sunday January 11th, the Hawks blew out every team by a wide margin. Atlanta defeated the Wizards 120-89, The Sixers 105-87, the Celtics 105-91, the Drakes 110-89 with the closest defeat being the 107-99 defeat of the Bulls.

The Hawks have won 12 straight and really, what’s going to stop them at this point from running the table? Just put their season on CPU simulate and let them go right to the finals.

Jeff Green

Grade A Bunch of People on Twitter Saying “Some Em if You Got Em”

Uncle Jeff took up his new residency in Memphis and the Grizzlies picked up the pace after having a rough time during the holidays. Yes Zach Randolph is back and healthy, but the Grizz needed an offensive punch that wasn’t being picked up by Courtney Lee/Vince Carter.

Memphis has a way of revitalizing a career (see last year, C Lee & James Johnson) and Green might be another one who gets the Fountain of Youth treatment. In his first game his shot was a little off, but in the last two he settled and scored 21 points against Orlando on 44.4% shooting and 17 points on 42% shooting against the Trail Blazers. Stability on scoring might be the key to help the Grizzlies in the long run and although fans are really anxious about his presence, so far, so good.


Portland Trail Blazers

Grade A Call to Robin Lopez asking him to stop watching Batman and check on his rehab

The Blazers lost three in a row for the first time all season. Drops against the Clippers, Spurs and Grizzlies are nothing too embarrassing, but Wesley Matthews was awful in two of those losses and the Blazers are relying on Chris Kamen and Meyers Leonard too much for comfort. The Blazers got out rebounded by the Grizzlies and the Spurs.

Robin’s return would help them greatly in the middle, but an injury like that always takes its time.

Washington Wizards

GradeĀ  You Dropped Something There

Back to back night wins against the San Antonio Spurs and Chicago Bulls shows how far this years Wizards have come from last season. The Spurs game was helped by Kevin Seraphin coming off the bench for 17 points and 8 rebounds. And they kept Tim Duncan to 11 points & 12 rebounds.

The next night against new rival Chicago, saw Paul Pierce score 22 points on 12 attempts, the team outrebound the Bulls by 10 and John Wall with 21 points and 9 assists. This was the fifth straight win for the Wizards in the United Center.

Then the had another back to back with the Brooklyn Nets and all of the sudden they’re playing so bad, fans were tuning out in droves. Wizards lost 102-80 behind the 26 points of Jarrett Jack. That night was the second highest scoring night for Jack this season and the Wizards had no answer for him or Brook Lopez coming off the bench. They met again the next night and steadied the ship, winning 99-90 with Nene knocking down 20 points and Marcin Gortat got the double double on 10 points and 16 rebounds.

Greg Anthony

Grade Bruh

Anthony took #KnicksTape to a new level this week by being caught in a solicitation sting in Washington DC when he was in town to call the Michigan State-Maryland game. He has since been suspended indefinitely by CBS and Turner Sports for the rest of the year.


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