Last Nights Number: Houston Rockets vs Orlando Magic


Two games in a row the struggling Orlando Magic scored 120 points. In the 121-114 win over the Bulls, they shot 59.3%, but in the 120-113 win over the Houston Rockets, they only shot 48.9%

Channing Frye scored 15 points, his second higest scoring night of the season. Ben Gordon scored 12 off the bench and Elfrid Payton went in with 15 points. Victor Oladipo capped off his 33 point night against the Bulls and got 32 against the Rox.

The Rockets were playing shorthanded with only 8 players but had James Harden score 26 and Dwight Howard score 23. Kyle O’Quin came off the bench for 5 points.
I’ve gone on about O’Quin in the Magic road trip piece I published last week, but the 4-spot is such a weakness for the Magic and may have to live or die on Channing Frye’s shot. Vucevic and Oladipo will keep you pretty steady while Payton will hold you back immensely, and Tobias Harris is still out with injury.

But at least we have this!

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