Lil B “Hoop Life” Track Review

Lil B The Based God is an outsider to traditional hip hop terms. He raps over backward tracks, made an ambient album in “Rain In England”, produced two classical albums, wrote a book based on his personal philosphy and just seems to irk even the most open of hip hop fans with his style.

But in one way, Lil B is a throwback. No other rapper continues to bring up basketball the way The Based God does. Sure we will see cameos in videos, and references in Migos songs, but even Shy Glizzy only made one song about an NBA player. Lil B released “Hoop Life” on June 1st and it’s, essentially, a 33 track collection of songs about basketball. Some of the songs were previously released, but Elevator Doors is going to go deep into the Based World and review each track for your enjoyment.

You can download the mixtape for free at datpiff in case you want to follow along.

1) Pass the Ball

The refrain of “Let’s play hoop bitch” will appear on youtube dunk mixtapes for years to come. Only Lil B could turn a song about his fundamentals in basketball to a song about girls in a verse.

2) At the Freethrow

“I got varsity bitches just reppin”

3) NBATV Commercial

This has a really great club beat, but is factually incorrect when he says Iverson is in the Hall of Fame.

4) Off Da Bench

This has a sinister beat that has a lo-fi Three Six Mafia feel. “I get paid to brush my waves.”

5) Material Mindstate

“Forget Instagram, I’m just trying to get Insta-grams” seems like a line that has been overused, but the beat is knee deep in emphemeral cloud rap.

6) Pass the Roc

Based God really does tout his command of the fundamentals and this song is essentially about how good he can pass, but then drops a Raymond Felton mention and I’m all confused.

7) Call Me Coach

The beat has a slowed down electrofunk feel to it. Also aligns PJ Carlissimo with John Madden, and c’mon.

8) Hoop Life

“Larry Birdy”

9) Foul Out

Don’t let the title fool you, this song is about fucking cheerleaders.

10) Payton on Broncos Jordan on Wizards

It’s about loyalty.

11) Hall of Fame

It’s about all the players that died in the game and how their jerseys are in the hall of fame. I don’t think this is about that place in Springfield, Mass.

12) Marbel Floors and Pain (sic)

“War in our mind is worse than genocide”

13) Lockdown

“The paint on lockdown and my hoes on lockdown.” Lil B loves his defense.

14) Your Going to the League (sic)

“Got the screens, I gotta make moves.”

15) Good Day

“Sometimes I go to sleep on my AK, if I blast it, it’s a good day.” See, it’s called Good Day, but it’s about how bummed he is. That’s a little something called dichotomy.

16) Dont Go Outside

“Tiny pants everything” is a classic Lil B line.

17) Living My Life

The guy yelling “Figaro!” is pretty good.

18) Ski Ski BasedGod

Bitches suck his dick because he looks like a farmer/Obama

19) Pretty Boy Anthem

“Call me Klay Thompson because I won’t save a bitch”

20) Only Time I Slow Down

“She lookin at me like I’m Opta-Mist”

21) NBA Live

There’s a lot of talk about breaking rules and I keep thinking that Lil B reads Breaking Madden


22) Scouts Report

“I got the best defense, I got the best offense, that don’t help if your mind can’t process.” So, Lance Stephenson?

23) Gotta Make the NBA

This is one of the more fully-formed tracks on the tape, but since it’s buried 23 tracks in, the average listener is probably out by this point.

24) Real Based

Lil B over the Nice & Smooth classic “Sometimes I Rhyme Slow”. Honestly couldn’t tell you what the verses were about, this beat is the best.

25) Fuck KD (Kevin Durant Diss)

The classic. Should not have been this low on the mix, but even KD fans can get down with the “Fuck Kevin Durant” singing.

26) NBA Stole My Swag

Another classic. I previously suggested this song should be played in arenas when someone gets fouled.

27) I Got Bitches 2014

“I’m way past VIP, can’t stand next to me.” And then he mentions defense before offense again.

28) Katy Perry

This has gotta be where they just dumped a bunch of leftover tracks. It’s not bad, because hearing Based God say “I’m Katy Perry” really aggresively is pretty fun.

29) See Me In The Game

“We just need protein and bitches.”

30) Mack Maine

The beat sounds like a John Carpenter track, which is pretty great.

31) Who I Want

“Fuck 1%ers, 100%.”

32) I Choose Her

“I’m outta pocket, cause I’m choosin up on you.” Lil B will be willing to go out of his healthcare network for you, special lady.

33) Clink Clink (Clean Version)

A dance like the Wizard of Oz. And yes it really is the clean version.


So, even Lil B couldn’t keep up with 33 tracks of basketball songs. He really lost steam deep into the twenties, but the Based God is not known for brevity.

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