Put the Goggles On: Quincy Pondexter

Put the Goggles on is a series at Elevator Doors pointing out players that you might not be paying attention to, but should. Today we put the goggles on for Quincy Pondexter.

With the 15th game of the season, QPon has already matched his entire game appearances in 2013-14, as he had a falling out with head coach Dave Joerger and then fell injured for the remainder of the season.

The bench unit for the Grizzlies was really needed to step up from their season last year and Pondexter was going to be needed for shooting on a team that isn’t known to whip the ball at the hoop with a fury.

In a Small Sample Size Theater trip, we see that Pondexter has 9.8 ppg, shooting 34.7% with 3.5 rpg and 2 assists. These aren’t earth shattering stats, but no one is expecting that. The Grizzlies bench unit floundered for a while until Nick Calathes got his confidence and started a nifty drive and kick game with Mike Miller behind the three-point line.

Calathes has just returned from his suspension, but Beno Udrih is a capable back up. Rich Homie Pon should look towards one of his replacements last year to model his season after. James Johnson came out of the D League to give the Grizz streaky shooting, but great perimeter defense and rebounding. With Pon on the court, Grizzlies rebounds on both sides of the court increase, assists, steals and blocks also get a push.

It’s a cop out to look at the stats and concentrate on the intangibles. Obviously Pondexter needs to better his performance, but there is always space on the Grizzlies floor for someone who can stay busy, pester an opponent and keep favor, even just a slice of it, to the Grizzlies.

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