A Mobbies Thank You and Programming Notes

The Mobbie winners were announced last night and Elevator Doors received the 9th most votes for Best Pro Sports Blog! Holy cow! Out of 19 blogs, this was the only one that was principally an NBA blog and we got more votes than a number of long-lasting and network affiliated blogs.

Thanks to everyone that voted. That was super nice. If there was a way to thank all of you personally, I would, but let’s be honest, that would be a little weird and get tiring pretty quickly for me.

You can find all the results here.

In another note, if you’ve been following the blog, you’ve notice a subtle shift in coverage and I felt the need to explain why because I am a deep-seated narcissist.

Over the summer I was primarily writing for Washington Wizards blogs until another opportunity came up to be the sports guy at Impose Magazine. Seeing as that gig was going to focus on all sports and not just basketball, I started to craft Elevator Doors first as a depository for all the Wizards writing/ideas I had accumulated that summer. As the season has picked up, I’m still closely following the Wizards, but there is just too much basketball out there to limit myself to writing about one team. I will still focus on them on occasion, but if you’ve come here for Wizards writing only, you might be disappointed.

And for the six people that listen to the podcast, you will notice that change happened a little sooner and I’ve now changed the opening to reflect this change that it’s not just about the Wizards anymore.

If I lose any readers because of that, well, that stinks. But hey, I’m cranking out enough weird stuff that should keep your eyes glued to a web browser while you should be working.

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