Irrational Fan Week: Ladies & Gentlemen, The Clown Show has been put on hiatus for Retooling


Yes the season is but a twinkle in the eye of the year, but it’s Irrational Fan Week, so here are the things we’re already writing off-

Cancel the Season

LA Lakers, Orlando Magic, Philadelphia 76ers

These teams have a future, but for right now, they’re clogging up the works with ugly. Sure an occasional Nerlens Noel block, or Elfrid Payton getting gazelle like on a fast break is good, but most nights this will be a slow burning barge down the flaming East River.

Put on Hiatus until later in the year

Utah Jazz, Detroit Pistons, Oklahoma City Thunder, Minnesota Timberwolves, Indiana Pacers, Milwaukee Bucks

For a couple of these teams it’s injury related. The Pacers are without their star, and are just biding time, where the Thunder can’t keep a team on the floor without them imploding. For the Pistons, Jazz, Wolves and Bucks, it’s more that the pieces are there, though very unfinished, so they could use some more time on the back end to get ready for the Fall season. Sure they might sneak in as a replacement after the holidays and get a cult following, the chances are low on these teams, so a little re-tooling wouldn’t do any harm.

Renew for another season

Dallas Mavericks, Sacramento Kings, LA Clippers, Chicago Bulls, Miami Heat

Yes we are still in the Small Sample Size Theater, but the Mavs, Kings and Bulls have already upped their Umph factor. After four games, Brandan Wright of the Mavs has a PER of 33.6. Boogie Cousins is getting 22 and 10 and Blake Griffin has developed a jump shot. We all want to see more of this.The Bulls also reloaded and although the Heat lost LeBron James, the Chris Bosh era has seen him in prime Toronto form. Keep em around for at least two more years.




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