Ghoulie Boullez: KD2TwinPeaks Pt 4


Kevin Durant is driving down the road to the Double R Diner. He is set to meet James Hurley. Hurley is his teammate and seems to know something about Laura, but has been reticent to tell anything to Durant. He finally got James to agree to meet him, far away from the confines of the Lumberjacks facilities.

Kevin pulls into the parking lot of the Double R and impatiently walks in, scanning for James. He sees a spiky haircut shooting out from a head lying on a table and goes over to him.

“Hey James,” Durant says. James shoots his head up, his lower lip is jutting out and he has his resting pout face on again.

“Kevin,” he trembles. “Do you ever wish you could just get away?”

“James are you always like this? Tell me about Laura.”

“I was in love with her once and she broke my heart.”

“Is that why you’re like this?”

“Like what?”

No wonder she dumped your mopey-ass, Durant thought to himself.

“So what happened to her? I really want to get this ball back to her.”

“She got mixed up in the wrong crowd. Started to hang around One Eyed Jacks.”

“One Eyed Jacks? What’s that?”

“I don’t know, my uncle doesn’t let me hang around there.”

“James,” Durant said. “You’re even weirder then Russell.”

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