Ghoulie Boullez Week: How to Resurrect Steve Nash


The basketball world was saddened by the news that Steve Nash was going to miss the entire 2014-15 season due to a back injury. Nash had already stated that this was going to be his final year, but with the injury it appears we will never see Nash on the court again.

His offensive skills, especially with the 7-seconds-or-less Phoenix Suns, help transform the game. His skills had been in serious decline by the time he joined the Los Angeles Lakers and he was never able to survive an entire season without serious injury.

But what if we could replace his body? Sure his skills would need an adjustment to the new form, but the mentality and court vision are still sharp. So let’s examine the options of a replacement Nash.

Aliens Power Loader


His physical form would still be there, but the exo-skeleton would re-inforce the body so he could keep up with the physical demands of an NBA season. The cons would be his speed would diminish greatly, but then we could see Steve Nash as a post-up player.

Complete Rebuild

This should be done Six Million Dollar Man style and not so much on the Robocop style. With added bodily reinforcements, increased jumping ability AND a crack medical team to fix him whenever he breaks down, Nash can be back in prime form.

The Thing With Two Heads

This would require a joint effort between Nash and another player. For fairness sake, why not add another player who was ALSO plagued with injuries? Looking at you Grant Hill. Add the two nicest players on the same body and let them go to work!


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