13 Fluxus Performances for JR Smith

Atlanta Hawks v New York Knicks

Photo credit: Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

1) Eat your jersey at center court before tip off.

2) Run your fingernails over the bumps of a basketball continuously for 90 minutes.

3) Bounce a ball up and down the court using on your knees. Attempt shots on one knee.

4) Enter the court with a see through backpack with a basketball inside. Take the basketball out and saw the ball in half. Return the pieces to the backpack and leave the court.

5) Leave notes of encouragement or derision on the backboard of your opponents basket.

6) Perform for your favorite audience by placing mirrors all along the perimeter of the court.

7) Cover your eyes with bandages and take shots.

8) Performer lets the following drop: shots, knees, withering glances to Andrea Bargnani, assist percentage.

9) Broom. Sweep. Turn Off Lamp. Turn On Lamp. Tell Chris Smith he did a good job cleaning your basement.

10) Play an entire game holding a vase of flowers.

11) Play basketball with a fruit.

12) Dress as badly as possible. No, the orange Knicks uniforms don’t count.

13) Two performers. One performer asks for a pass, you wait one year and then pass.

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