The Best of the Washington Bullets on Etsy

Etsy is in many ways the crafty younger sibling of Ebay. Although Ebay is still the best place to find sports memorabilia, but Etsy does pop up with some lesser known, thrift store-esque items. We look at some of the more memorable ones.

A 1992 Pervis Ellison shirt. For a mere $30, this nod to the marketing machine to a team that doesn’t have much going for it, is a steal!

A Calbert Cheaney Starting Lineup figure. Oh man, these were the crack of pre-teen sports fanboys. In violent fits of nostalgia I wind up peeking at these on Ebay before I realize I’m an adult and owning them would be insane.

Vintage Washington Bullets Lacoste sweater. Sure it’s $216 dollars, but people would literally melt of jealously as you walked past them.

And in the winter, when the Lacoste cardigan isn’t cutting it, you can style down the street in this vintage Starter jacket. Did anyone else try and collect things on the strings for the hoods of your starter jacket? Or was that just a regional thing. It faded out of fashion once this kid Armando got his dad to drill holes into a pair of dice to add to it.

A Chris Webber jersey. This just makes me sad.

1978 Dick Motta “Fat Lady” t shirt. Totally worth the $90.00

Bootleg Michael Jordan throwback. Yeesh.


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