New Arena Chants

By now the sporting fan at large has heard the arena chants of The White Stripes “Seven Nation Army”. The familiar bass thump seemed to have first sprout when the LeBron James led Miami Heat started to pull away in games. And while it’s easy and fun and a way to participate in the fan experience, the song is getting a little long in the tooth. So we’ve come up with some new song chants you could use at the next game, complete with specific instances to bust them out.

When you’re desperate for the coach to call for some better spacing-

Sure this version is a little long, but once you get going with a “Space is the Place” chant, it’s hard to turn down.

Break Away Dunk-

You could go either way with this one, doing the lyrics or humming out the intricate yet fun melody. Also doubles for meta commentary due to Bruce Dickinson being a pilot!

Ray Allen Getting Hot-

Sorry we couldn’t find a cooler one for you, Ray, but it fits.

When a Team is upsetting a favorite-

It’s hard to imagine the night when say, the Bucks will knock down the Cavaliers, but this would seriously give goosebumps.

When your favorite player gets the Rasheed Wallace treatment-

It will probably happen when the Refs decide to steal someone’s swag.


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