Jodorowsky’s Team: Utah Jazz

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Noted Surrealist Film Director Alejandro Jodorowsky has provided notes to Dennis Lindsey on how to get the most out of his players this off-season.

Trevor Booker – “Use food from a cookbook that only exists in the mind of a child.”

Trey Burke – “Try using accupuncture, but without needles.”

Alec Burks – “The lettuce is calling. Do not pick up.”

Derrick Favors – “Decide you’re a Lifesaver candy, which flavor are you?”

Gordon Hayward “Your girlfriend JUST got out of high school? Bruh…”

Enes Kanter – “I’m sure those kids gave you a terrible nickname, embrace it this year.”

Steve Novak – “You’re spirit animal is an empty box of tissues.”

Dante Exum – “Does your shot turn around the rim in the other direction?”

Quin Snyder – “Glorious hair. Glorious hair. Let your hair sing the song.”


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