WNBA Link Dump

I did a couple of things on the end of the WNBA season. I was featured in a Q&A with Christy Winter Scott about the Washington Mystics chances in the playoffs (they got swept in the first round)

Part 1- http://www.bulletsforever.com/2014/8/20/6033247/mystics-wnba-playoff-preview-christy-winters-scott-andy-livingston-panel-part-1

Part 2- http://www.bulletsforever.com/2014/8/21/6046217/mystics-2014-wnba-playoff-preview-part-2

I also took a look into the play of Mystics second year forward Emma Meesseman


And the interior passing of the Minnesota Lynx


Wish He Was a Baller: Data & Geordi La Forge

Back court of the future! Forget John Wall and Bradley Beal, Star Trek: The Next Generation BFF’s Data and Geordi are already in the future!

The chemistry between the two is one of the more endearing aspects to TNG, even through a patchy episode (and lord knows there were lots of them), D&G were always good for a laugh. Using Data’s extreme knowledge and Geordi’s craftiness, the two could dominate on a basketball court.

Data could see every option on the floor, so he would be better suited to be a point guard, while Geordi’s ability to adapt and create something out of nothing, or re-route a power source from a zapped forcefield, would have him knocking down shots even though he technically can’t see.

You know how dope it would be if there was a blind NBA player? Plus we would have this-

“Air Geordi” Photo credit: Thinkgeek
The two of them in post-game press conferences would put the Dwyane Wade-LeBron James show to shame. They’ve got some Abbott and Costello level banter at times, with Data playing the sardonic logic and Geordi wearing his heart on his sleeve.

I think both of them could be switch guards. While Data, logically, is probably better suited to bring the ball up and create a play, if he was off the ball, he could create additional plays by setting up other places on the floor. Plus La Forge’s visor could analyze the floor mathmatically and create plays on some deep geometric level that someone like Gregg Popovich could only come up with.

Given the right coach and the right team, Data and Geordi could have be like the Suns two-guard lineup. Somebody turn the holodeck into a court, stat!



Jodorowsky’s Team: Denver Nuggets

Photo Credit: http://ignacioreyo.wordpress.com

Noted Surrealist Film Director Alejandro Jodorowsky has provided notes to Tim Connelly on how to get the most out of his players this off-season.


Photo credit: niketalk.com

Wilson Chandler – “Seduce Medusa by looking her right in the eye.”

Randy Foye – “Who can take a sunrise and sprinkle it with dew? You can. You can.”

Darrell Arthur – “Shave the stars off your face.”

Ty Lawson – “Your body is made of micro machines. Oil them with the blood of your dreams.”


Photo credit: outdoorblog.it

Danilo Gallinari – “You are a clown in a world without laughter.”

JaVale McGee – “When you are on the court, try and stop all the music.”

Timofey Mozgov – “If you’re knees are oatmeal, be brown sugar.”

Arron Afflalo – “You are still magic, you turn Orlando into gold.”

Brian Shaw – “Try not to alienate everyone this year.”

The Red Shirt Theory: Pacific Division

Recapping the genesis of the Red Shirt Theory, today we tackle the always entertaining Pacific Divison.


Photo credit: sport.delfii.ee

Sacramento Kings

Ben McLemore. This isn’t such a condemnation of McLemore as much as it how poorly he was handled by the Kings. The rookie SG had a 7.7 PER, 8.8 points on a field goal percentage of 37.6% is not the worst, but McLemore played in every game and started in 55 of them. And while the Kings are deep in guards, they’re like the opposite of the Phoenix Suns in that they seem to have no way how to use them correctly. And McLemore was subject to that this season. He will improve and his stats will rise, but being doubled by the limited-ness of Grevis Vasquez shows not a great season.

Los Angeles Lakers

Ryan Kelly. This one was actually difficult. The Lakers had a terrible record, a patchwork team and only 6 games of Kobe Bryant. Ryan Kelly was a rookie out of Duke, a program that almost never translates to NBA success, but given how open the field became once Bryant went down, only weird players stepped up.
Kelly had 42% shooting, but ended with 8.0 points per game. He had 25 starts. He occupied the Power Forward position with Jordan Hill and Shawne Williams. And with Hill re-signing, Kelly is on the bench for a while. How long until Kobe yells at him?

Phoenix Suns

Ish Smith. Even that name should put him in the Red Shirt Theory Hall of Fame. Jeff Hornacek turned the NBA world on it’s ear, at least temporarily, by playing two traiditonal point guards together and it mostly worked! The Suns finished 48-34 behind their young and quick team. And then there was Ish. In 70 games, Hornacek as guard mastermind coach, could only garner 3.7 points and 2.6 assists per game. He put in 1006 minutes total and still had the lowest True Shooting Percentage, 44%, of the entire team. But don’t worry Suns fans, with Eric Bledsoe seemingly at odds with Suns brass about a contract extension, they’ll always have old Ish in the chamber ready to go!


Photo credit: cbs sports

Golden State Warriors

Harrison Barnes. Barnes was supposed to be part of the Warriors future along with Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, but after this season, it looks like he hit his ceiling. His PER dropped to 9.8, his FG % went to 40%, he went from 81 starts in 2012-13 to only 24 starts this season. His FG attempts went up, but his made shots stayed the same. Andre Iguodala and, even, Draymond Green seems to have put Barnes on the bubble. But if he pulls off another decline, he’s burst.


Photo credit: rantsports

Los Angeles Clippers

Jared Dudley. 6 field goal attempts in 23.4 minutes per game. A PER of 8.9 and a FTr of .130. Jared was such a dud, that coach Doc Rivers sought to bring in the animated corpse of Danny Granger in mid-season after Stephen Jackson and Hedo Turkoglu failed to make a run at replacing him. His points-per-game dropped by 4 fromlast year and his field goal percentage went from 46.8% to 43.8% in a season. Dudley seems to be another in a long line of players bolstered by the system in Phoenix, only to be exposed for how bad they are on another team.